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ECS is a privately owned Australian business established in Victoria in 1970. In that time it has provided a comprehensive range of cleaning services to a range of clients and built a sound reputation in the industry.


Executive carpet Cleaning goes Green! At executive carpet cleaning we strive to bring to you the safest, strongest and most effective green cleaning solution for today’s cleaning professional. We believe in the future and we want to make it a healthier one, for our children and yours. To our customers with the healthiest and safest cleaning possible, we use only products that are 100% organic.

Our cleaning products are made from:

  • Natural Enzymes
  • Citrus peel
  • Botanical Extract
  • Vegetable fibre
  • Natural minerals
  • cider Vinegar
  • Meadow Form Seeds
  • White Cedar Lear extract
  • Soybeans
  • Aloe
  • Lime extract


Organic green cleaning solutions – Healthier for our customers, Healthier for our employees.

Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning.

Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning by a certified technician. When performed properly, hot water extraction will remove more soil and spots. It will also sanitize the carpet, whereas other methods have less capability of removing contaminates (such as pollen, pesticides, detergents, exhaust) The system we have does not over wet the carpet or leave any sticky residue. We invest in the finest equipment.

At Executive Carpet Cleaning we provide a Deluxe or a standard Cleaning depending on client’s preference

Our Deluxe Cleaning includes the following steps.

  1. Pre inspection
  2. Thorough Vacuuming with High Power Commercial Vacuum
  3. Pre Spray carpet with carpet shampoo
  4. Pre-Test spots
  5. Pre – Treat Traffic Lanes
  6. Agitate Soiled Area to Loosen Dirt
  7. High Power Steam Extraction
  8. Post Inspect and Retreat any remaining spots
  9. Apply carpet protection
  10. Post Groom Carpet and Pile to insure fast Dry and a Clean look
  11. Final Inspection

Our Standard Cleaning Includes the following Steps

  1. Pre Inspection
  2. Thorough vacuuming
  3. Pre-treat carpet with carpet shampoo
  4. Pre-treat spots
  5. Pre Treat Traffic lanes


At Executive Carpet Cleaning our technicians are professionally trained to clean all type of rugs and mats using the latest cleaning technology. We apply best specific cleaning methods according to the rug’s current condition and treat them individually with special attention, care and proper cleaning to remove allergens, dust mites, soil, dirt and hair.

At Executive Carpet Cleaning we clean all types of rugs whether it’s a machine made or handmade oriental rug.
Depending on what type of rug we provide a steam cleaning method or low moisture method for more delicate rugs.


Apart from the usual wear and tear. The upholstery fabric is exposed to a number of different pollutants, bacteria, dust mites, body fats, sands, food stuffs pet odour and tints.

Out qualified Upholstery cleaning technicians specialise in cleaning all types of upholstery using either steam or dry cleaning. We make special consideration for each individual’s pieces of furniture to determine the most effective treatment.

We specialise in

  • velvet
  • all cotton
  • Indian cotton
  • micro suede
  • wool
  • all common fabric.

Executive upholstery cleaning benefits are:

  • Our staff our experts at cleaning all type of upholstery including the most delicate of fibres. We pre inspect every bit of upholstery before we start, and will inform you of the best method of cleaning.
  • Our products and processes are safe for you, your children and your pets.
  • Most fabrics dry in one to two hours ready to use by you, your family and your guests
  • Because our process leaves no dirt attracting residues, your upholstery will not re soil prematurely.


We spend a third of our lives in bed.
Regular mattress cleaning to keep mattresses free of mould, dust mites and dangerous organisms is vital for the health of us and our family.

It is a fact that most mattresses contain bacteria, fungi and dust mites in quantities that are at potentially dangerous levels. These nasties can lead to anything from skin allergies right through to serious respiratory illnesses such as asthma.


We vacuum your mattress using a hospital grade heap filtered vacuum. We use either steam extraction or dry cleaning method and spray a dust mite allergen to prevent mite for up to 6 months.


Pets are as much part of our lives as any family member. But what happens when they cause unsightly messes and odours in our home?

Your lovely carpet (or other home furnishing) can be easily tarnished by a pet stain. To make matters worse, you now have to endure the unpleasantness and embarrassment of a pet stain odour.

We, at Executive Carpet Cleaning we want to help all pet owners care for their pets as well as keep their homes fresh. Because we care for our clients, we use organic, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic cleaning solutions that ensure your pets stay healthy and the planet does too.


The key to our successful pet odour removal is to determine – precisely – the contamination zones, so that each can be dealt with separately.
Executive Carpet Cleaning uses several different inspection processes to determine areas of urine contamination. To break down the chemicals that exist in these powerful urine odour molecules, we use a specially-designed pre-cleaner to soak the area. After left for a while we extract using the latest technology which lifts the stain and the odours from the carpet and underlay.

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An influx of water into your home or business can happen for any number of reasons; a burst pipe, a washing machine malfunction or a toilet overflow. Regardless of the cause, excess water can have serious adverse effects and cause water damage very quickly. Water damage can cause wood floors to rot, destroy furniture and personal belongings, and even compromise the structural stability of a building. Left untreated, a water emergency can quickly create an environment for mould can grow and pose a serious health hazard to your family’s health. Time is of the essence when a hot water heater breaks or any other flood occurs. The sooner the water is removed the less water damage.

Executive Carpet Cleaning restoration professionals use advanced products, procedures and equipment to assure the greatest restoration success for your business, home, furnishings and personal items. The process includes:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Water removal and clean-up
  • Anti-microbial application
  • Mould remediation and removal


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